About Mer

Hello, I’m twitter-iso-black @MerSherman


Also known as Mercedes Sherman, but you can call me Mer. In fact, I prefer to be called Mer instead of enduring your preferred car joke. Believe me, I’ve heard them all. 😉

Writer, Artist, Photographer, Marketer, Nerd and overall Spazz.

As an over enthusiastic user of Social Media since Facebook first opened to all university students, my education really started in 2005. By 2006 I was a professional useless status’ writer and Facebook Stalker. When Instagram came along, whoa boy, hold my beer.

And then I realized that what I was doing could actually *gasp* be a career and not a complete waste of my online time. So I researched. And I practiced. And I stalked a bit more.

By 2017 I received my certifications in Social Media Marketing and Search Enging Optimization, but really, the amount of Pinterest articles I have read should qualify me for a Masters in Social Media Marketing.

Content creation, you ask? Why yes, I do quite a lot of that. Having used both Live Journal and Tumblr extensively over the years, I became quite the expert at creating compelling content about my vanilla every day life…and people actually liked to read it!

Apart from my self-driven profession, I am a parent. I have three daughters and two sons. Yes, you read that right…five children. So if you’re about to ask me if I am experienced in multi-tasking and time-management, come spend a day at my house and I’ll show you that I am the most adept person you have ever met. And I have somehow maintained my sanity.

So please, take a look around my site and let me show you what I can do!